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Suzy's Silver Coloured Kazoo - Original Boxed - 1940s edition

  • £9.95

Suzy's Silver Coloured Kazoo  - Original Boxed - 1940s edition

  • Suzy's Silver coloured metal Kazoo
  • This Kazoo produces a pleasant 'buzzing' sound when you hum, sing or speak into it
  • A Kazoo is a member of the 'Membranophone' musical classification which is in the percussion instruments as the sound is created through a stretched membrane.
  • This is broken down again into a sub category known as 'Merlitons'.
  • The sound being created by a vibrating membrane Produces a loud, clear sound.
  • The Suzy Kazoo is very attractively gift packaged in our own tube.
  • The Suzy Kazoo makes an ideal gift!
  • Also remember to hum, talk through the thicker side!

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