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Dannan Brown Vegan Flute / Tin Whistle / Recorder Roll Bag / Case Pouch for the 6 Whistles

  • £79.95

The 6 whistle roll bag is beautifully handmade in high quality Vegan Synthetic leather and is ideal for any whistle or flute lover. The case featured three beautiful embroidered detailed Celtic patterns and includes two buckles to close the bag into a neat compact roll and is designed to comfortably accommodate 6 whistles - 2 large and 4 small.

  • The Whistle bag is designed for 6 whistles, and  you could squeeze in more!
  • The two wide pockets are just over 6.5cm (65mm) wide easily fitting any Low D flute
  • The four smaller pockets are just over 1 and a half inches (35 mm) wide suitable for smaller whistles
  • The bag measures 34cm x 66cm
  • There is a dual buckle strap with plenty of ringlets for a large roll of whistles
  • Two flaps inside bag to protect whistles from rubbing and scrapping each other

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