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Dannan Large Rosewood Musical Percussion Bones

  • £14.95

large Bones designed by Dannan Music. If you love to experiment with new tones, creativity and styles of percussion then these are for you! To play, simply shake your hand and swing your wrist! These bones will clap against each other in a variety of rhythms.

This large size is easier to control than the standard size and gives a louder sound.

Large Size: 22cm x 3cm x 5mm / 62g

The bones come with a removable hand grip, just go with whatever makes the bones more comfortable to play with.

These Large Bones can provide endless hours of entertainment for beginners and advanced users alike. The deep Rosewood provides a rich colour and sturdy structure. Bones are a fun instrument suitable for all ages and skill levels, especially when teaching rhythm and creativity. A unique gift for the ever expanding musician or percussionist

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