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DPA d:vote VO4099-G Guitar Mic w/Clip - 1to1 Music

DPA d:vote VO4099-G Guitar Mic w/Clip

  • £489.95

DPA's d:vote 4099G miniature condenser mic gives you studio-quality sound onstage. If you've spent the cash for a nice guitar or dobro, you're probably not too keen on having your instrument sound bad in live situations. Enter the 4099G. Amazingly stealthy, the 4099G mounts unobtrusively and gently to your precious axe, serving up stunning sound quality worthy of DPA's highly respected studio mics. Far better sounding (and a lot less hassle) than mounting a pickup! Tired of having to perform rubbing up against an annoying mic stand? Get the DPA d:vote 4099G and enjoy your freedom (and great sound).

  • Elegant instrument-micing system gives you studio-grade sound onstage
  • 5.5" Adjustable Gooseneck
  • 4099V microphone captures your instrument with accuracy
  • Rugged enough for stage demands, gentle enough for your valuable instruments
  • Can work as a wired mic, or as part of your wireless system

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